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CURRENTLY NEEDED by Reactinator304

We need a few members who are good at the following items for assistance. Additionally, if you know anyone who is interested and would do these, get them to take a look.

  • Art - OG Art style that will work well with 3D models
  • 3D Modelers - Anyone who can make 3D models, people, animations, or even items/objects. would be greatly appreciated.
  • Software users - I'm working off of all free softwares (and MS Word), and could use a hand from anyone with higher quality software and the brains to use it.
  • *Concept Artists - For Storyboarding, putting ideas to paper, coming up with backgrounds, level designs, outfit and character designs, logo designs, etc.
  • Extra Organizational hands - anyone who is willing to sort information out into what can be used more effectively, i.e. attribute system alignment, character interactions, item use/placement, and Logical Fiction concepts(like how a superpower works)

Regardless of the list, we could use more people in general. Spread word, get help, and recruit as many people as you can. the best place to do this so far at the moment, unless you do happen to personally know someone who is interested, is to advertise it in another forum. Post a link, and description, on any page you think may garner associates for us. Reach out and advertise to whomever you think will want in. And for the love of goodness, If you ARE on here and never post anything, Please do so every once in a while, logged in. otherwise, we may actually eliminate some inactive accounts. Thank you.




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